The Ultimate Guide To Crazy Bulk -Best Legal Steroids In Market
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With regard to competitive body builders to build much larger muscles speedier is a steady temptation but also for the average not for competitive body builder there is another natural method - normal body building. Accurate it is a considerably slower practice but the long run gains much outweigh the actual adverse influences that perhaps legal steroids may have for your body across an extended period of time.

Steroids are usually used for a brief duration of mention 6-8 days with a substantial period of time elapsing before starting in the next lifetime of steroids. It’s not recommended that anyone acquire steroids for the continuous time frame. This don / doff program sometimes produce near future spikes around muscle mass in addition to muscle energy.

The advantage of normal body building is usually a slower nonetheless steadier embrace muscle mass as opposed to the peaks in addition to lows of people on steroids. I am sure a lot of you have seen as well as heard of the actual affects for the body builder who seem to stops making use of steroids instant Rapid decrease in muscle large and energy. The influences of steroids are rather short lived and may result in quite a few dramatic becomes both entire physique and well being of a body builder.

Natural bodybuilding results in any steadier plus more constant general performance rather than the more often than not spectacular good and bad times of steroid induced lean muscle bulk in addition to strength general performance.

When you obtain top good results as a normal body builder it is also possible to maintain your current muscle large and energy for as long as everyone continue impressive training not having adverse influences on your our health and wellbeing.

You will not feel any stunning muscle spending that is frequently seen in body builders when they avoid using steroids. Loss of lean muscle bulk in addition to strength will be two of essentially the most dreaded words and phrases for body builders. Natural bodybuilding will help a lot of to avoid these kind of pitfalls.

Exactly why do persons use steroids? Most of us will be impatient critters and prefer instant good results so the steroid alternative is really attractive. Most likely one of the most important factors that have an affect on a person’s determination to use steroids or choose the natural way really is their cause for body building instant is it in order to look and feel better or are they will in it for those competition.

So it’s your name - you opt for whether making use of legal steroids will help you whilst your objectives.

iPhone ringtones…
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I found that you could create your own ring tones… and trick iTunes to thinking its a ringtone.

Post-Kuasa conference photos
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The day after the Kuasa Conference student workshops concluded, many of us were invited to attend the tDA (the Design Alliance’s meeting held at the Royal Selangor’s showroom.

It was a photo opportunity for me, to take some photos with some of these top class designers from all over.

Sadly, Sudhir and Little Ong were not among the crowd. My consolation was that we had lunch with Sudhir the day before.

I also missed the chance to have a photo with Kan Tai Keung, William Harold-Wong and some others.

Royal Selangor’s showroom and visitor centre is one that I will definitely recommend to any visitor, foreign and domestic. I  would even want to have lunch there. The food is nice, and the environment is really great for client meetings, while having tea and cake. Yumm.

Ahn Sang-soo and me. At the Royal Selangor showroom.

Ahn has this style … holding up his hand to cover the right side of his face.


From left: Freeman Lau (Hong Kong), myself and Pooi.


Here: Tarek Atrissi (Lebanon/The Netherlands) and myself.

Plastic Pollution
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Why I don’t recommend lamination anymore?

Watch this on YouTube.

Interested in offshore accounts anyone?
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Anyone interested in offshore accounts? Check out this website and what they offer.

International Credit Corporation.

According to their mission “To provide online financial services that are available anytime, anywhere and delivered by current technology; offering innovative financial products that meet the highest ethical standards.”

Their interest rates are amazing, especially if you are in India.

The Power of Asia!
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The time for Design Power Asia!

With the conference just a month and a half away, everyone in the committee is working hard to get everything just right. A wREGA design conference, featuring the best design minds in asia will be held on the 8th and 9th of August.

Titled : Kuasa, Design Power Asia.

More info in the Conference website.

(KUASA Reka Bentuk Asia)
wREGA Design Conference
Sat 8 - Sun 9 August 2009

Power Up Asia!
The 2009 roundup of conference speakers is all about the new big voice of Asian design. Asian designers are drumming up worldwide attention, and we are bringing it home with a lineup of megawatt design icons and design powerhouses from all over the region.
KUASA Design Power Asia will be a 1.5 day experience, energized with a Conference, Interactive Installation Art Night and Student Workshops. Connect with the best design minds in Asia. Spark new design friendships and alliances. Make contact with ideas that will resonate with the designer in you.

Not for Spectators Only

Come to the conference and be prepared to plug in with your thoughts. The conference is here to ignite new design routes, with Q&A sessions and workshops built in to each event. We expect magic to happen.”

Speakers Line up

Ahn Sang-soo
Hongik University, Ahn Graphics
Seoul, South Korea

Tarek Atrissi
Tarek Atrissi Design, The Netherlands

Hermawan Tanzil
LeBoYe, Jakarta, Indonesia

Hermawan Tanzil
LeBoYe, Jakarta, Indonesia

Little Ong
fFurious, Singapore

Sudhir Sharma
Design Consultant Pune, India

Freeman Lau Siu Hong
KAN & LAU Design Consultants Hong Kong / China Hope to see you there!

A logo is not a brand
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That line is quoted from The Brand Gap.
…unless it is on a cow.

A logo is sometimes compared to a signature. It is a mark of someone, an organisation, a group, a product or service or a brand.

So what is a brand?

The thing about brands, is that they are all around us and the influence cannot be underestimated.
I subscribe to the notion that a brand is a collection of values. It is much related to belief and the emotional involvement. A brand involves a person to the depths of their minds and hearts. To an extreme extent, it can be related to the way we relate to religion.
(I’m a little tired today, so I’ll continue this article when I am more coherent)

Mac mini looks real tempting
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image from
Humble looking but good enough for work eh?
I think the Mac mini is the most understated of the macs… Such a dimunitive little machine. As powerful as a little MacBook, which is the main machine for many professionals out there (you know I’m talking to you) so why not consider it seriously as a production machine?
Of course the iMac is much better, but who can beat the price if you already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse lying around?
I’m getting one. Seriously.

Gave in to Nokia
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In my last post, I wrote about needing to replace my old SE Z600 with the iPhone. But the wait was too much. A friend lent me his HTC TYTN 2 for a while, and it was really nice of him. Except that the phone could do almost everything, but was low on battery power for its capabilities. It was a bit bulky too… and heavy. It’ll pull my pants down.

Relying totally on the slideout qwerty keyboard for messages was quite painful, even when I got used to it. Slow, I could not send text messages quickly enough before the traffic light changed colour… shame on you Microsoft.

So I gave in to Nokia. After much research, I found the perfect little phone, for my budget (while I still wait for the iPhone, say what you want..). It was the discontinued Nokia e51. It’s a dimunitive phone, with very plain looks. But under all that plain jane look, it’s amazing features and capabilities are great.

It’s got UMTS (HSDPA speeds)
QVGA screen
160MB built in memory, and I got a 1GB card installed.

all for about RM1000.

Since I don’t play much music ( I like to work in a quiet ambience)
I don’t consume movies on the go
I don’t need a super camera (got a slr for that)
shrinking pocket space

That package was perfect.

I’ll post more later. Got to go for an appointment now.

iPhone Lust
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iPhone 3GApple announced that the iPhone 3G will start shipping on July 11 in many countries and will reach 70 countries by the end of the year. One of those countries is NOT Malaysia. Sadly, our neighbour, Singapore will be getting their supply of iPhones, probably only with Singtel. Rumours are that M1 are also after a deal.

I hope they sell unlocked phones. My old phone is looking forward to a sweet retirement after many years of ’service’.

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